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Time, Money, and Lives Blog

Howdy Partner

Welcome to the first in a series of insights on Partnering with Voicebrook.

As I stared at the blank screen that previously occupied this space, I thought about three things.

  1. Themes related to partnering*. In the Old West -- at least in the Old West According to Hollywood -- “Howdy Partner” was a common greeting.
    [That gets the word “partner” into a headline, check!]
  2. Beyond a snappy headline, how to transition and keep your attention?
    [Perhaps an interesting, relevant visual….]
  3. What kind of references will work for readers of this blog? As a (barely) Baby Boomer, addressing an audience of [I wonder who’s reading this?!?] our frames of reference may be partly or fully simpatico….
    [Or you might think I’m from Mars.]
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Time, Money, and Lives: Our Words to Empower Yours

I am pleased to announce Voicebrook’s new blog, Time, Money and Lives. Through this platform the Voicebrook team will share our collective experience and knowledge to better empower our Pathology clients and prospects to save time, money, and lives.

So why Time, Money, and Lives, and why are we doing this?  In order to best explain, I need to go back a year and discuss the transformation that has taken place at Voicebrook.

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