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Comfort and function in the Gross Room

We listen to our clients, and we use that feedback to design our software to help automate and optimize client workflows. We want our users hands free and able to do as much as possible without the use of a keyboard and mouse. One of the most important considerations for both the speech recognition software and the hardware (microphone, foot pedal, etc.) is the environment in which it's being used. The gross room has several distinct features that make it unique and deserving of special consideration, and user feedback here is vital for us to continue to innovate here.

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Spare the Gross Details - No Pun Intended

Recently, in a cleaning frenzy, I took some time to assess my home office workspace.   The tools that I use on a daily basis, all so dear and familiar to me, did not pass my assessment.  Truth be told, they were tattered and worn out.   My printer-fax-scanner combo continued to miss the third page of every document as it had for years, my chair had a broken wheel, and my headset wires were exposed.  How is it that I use these tools daily, yet I pay no attention to their condition?  As a bit of a penny-pincher, I will admit that I tend to look past wear and tear until it breaks.  My husband is the ‘preventive maintenance’ guy while I tend to be the ‘use it to death’ gal.  Not only was my workspace in dire need of an overhaul, some items needed to go for the sake of sanitation…I’ll spare you the gross details.  No pun intended.

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Make Your Rechargeable Batteries Last Longer

We use rechargeable batteries every day. They're in our remotes, power tools, computers, and the headsets used for speech recognition in the gross room. This got me thinking, how can we get the most efficiency out of them? These days, most rechargeable batteries are made with nickel metal hydride (NiMH). NiMH has a self-discharge rate and loss of about 20% of its capacity within the first 24 hours and 10% per month thereafter.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make your batteries last as long as possible. Below are some tips that you can use to help prolong the life and provide better care for your NiMH batteries.

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With Speech Recognition, Even the Hardware is Customizable

When someone offering a speech recognition tool references hardware, they are referring to the physical tools such as microphones and foot pedals. Several hardware and accessory choices are available when implementing your solution. What some people may not realize is that there are different options to cater to personal preference. With the foot pedal, some users may like to tap the pedal to begin dictating, while others like to hold the pedal down for the duration of their dictation. Like speech recognition software, the foot pedal is customizable. Here are a couple options to consider:

Topics: Tips and Tricks Hardware