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Things VoiceOver Sites Need to Know Before Changing Their Environment

As a Project Manager at Voicebrook, I often find myself managing smaller projects for clients who have recently upgraded "something" in their environment.  Many people don't realize, but even upgrades of other hardware or software require organization and planning to maximize the success and minimize the disruption involved in making the change. Properly planning an upgrade is extremely important, as technologies are often linked together in such a way that when one piece is upgraded, others require changes to keep them working optimally.  In our experience those who ignore the importance of managing these changes as a project, jeopardize user satisfaction and in extreme cases will create unnecessary downtime or user software abandonment.

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To Call, or Not to Call, That Is the Question

Perception vs. Reality:

As the Director of Client Operations, I know this is probably the wrong thing to say, but I HATE CALLING SUPPORT!  When my internet is having an issue, I will usually spend at least an hour trying to fix the problem myself before I pick up the phone and call the provider.  I have this perception that I am going to be on hold forever, the person who answers will probably not know how to fix my problem, and in the end I will just be frustrated.  In reality, most of the time when I do call, I get my issue resolved much faster than I thought.

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