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We Hear You: How Your Feedback Improves the Service You Receive

In Brian Juszcyk’s recent blog post, "We Hear You: How Client Feedback Transformed VoiceOver," he discusses the importance of feedback in providing the best solutions for our clients. Consider this a follow-up intended to emphasize how truly important feedback is to us. It is my job as the Director of Client Operations, to ensure that we are providing exceptional customer service. In order to achieve this there is a core set of objectives that must take place in all support interactions with clients:

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Things VoiceOver Sites Need to Know Before Changing Their Environment

As a Project Manager at Voicebrook, I often find myself managing smaller projects for clients who have recently upgraded "something" in their environment.  Many people don't realize, but even upgrades of other hardware or software require organization and planning to maximize the success and minimize the disruption involved in making the change. Properly planning an upgrade is extremely important, as technologies are often linked together in such a way that when one piece is upgraded, others require changes to keep them working optimally.  In our experience those who ignore the importance of managing these changes as a project, jeopardize user satisfaction and in extreme cases will create unnecessary downtime or user software abandonment.

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You’re Live with VoiceOver!...Now What?

Congratulations!   You’ve had a successful implementation of VoiceOver.  Your users are now actively using the software and your group is starting to realize the benefits that sold you on acquiring the solution.

So you may be asking, "Now what?"  The obvious answer is that your users should continue using VoiceOver on a regular basis so that they can become as proficient as they are at using a microscope, but there is still more to know.  Here is a list of five things that all new sites should be thinking about in order to maximize your future use of our software.

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The Pathology Residents Are Coming...Eight Steps to VoiceOver Success

Prior to working at Voicebrook I was a Forensic Autopsy Assistant at an academic facility. I will always remember getting the catalogue of new residents each June. I also very much looked forward to the first year residents coming in for their first autopsy and trying to gross them out . . . but I digress. Since working at Voicebrook I have a whole new view on what many call ‘Resident Season’. I have now had my eyes opened to the administrative side of things and all of the time and effort that goes into getting residents trained and ready to be functional. From my conversations with our clients I have learned about the following steps taken to get a new resident up and running:

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