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Time, Money, and Lives Blog

Apply Your Communication Skills for Better Dictation Results

Back in December, Voicebrook employees from around the country came together for our annual company meeting. The theme was communication, and we were each challenged to think about how we can improve our communications with each other and with our clients. While researching the topic, I found that many tools for effective communication also apply to dictation. If you think about it, talking to a computer really doesn't differ much from talking to a person.

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Introducing The Voicebrook Success Community

There's been a recurring theme to our blogs and newsletters. Maybe you've caught it? We've been asking our clients to provide us with feedback, and I want to personally thank all of you who took us up on our request. There are too many to name in this short blog, but from your responses, we've been working to improve your user experience. With that in mind, we are launching the Voicebrook Success Community.

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4 Critical Election Mistakes Provide Lessons to Help Connect You with Your Customer

For many of us the election result provided a confusing end to what was a very emotionally charged campaign.  When I awoke on Wednesday morning still trying to sort out the surprise result in my head, I couldn't help but reflect upon what was missed. This was an election where almost all of the media and most surrogates in both campaigns believed that Hillary's victory was all but a sure thing. So what happened?

Still trying to put it all together, I logged into my 8:30AM daily client advocacy video conference. This meeting consists of 12 cross-functional Voicebrook employees all working to find solutions that ensure client success. On this day I was running a few minutes late and I joined in the middle of a conversation about the result. All eyes turned to me, and I was put on the spot about what we just witnessed. Channeling skills I learned from watching all three debates, I "pivoted" to answer the question in a way that would not alienate team members and would provide a positive segue to the meeting we were about to begin.

I had so many different thoughts about what had taken place from an ideological standpoint that I didn't share, BUT I believed there were lessons that we could learn to benefit us in advancing our commitment to client success. I found that the lessons we were discussing did not just apply to us and our service to our clients. As a result, I wanted to share them with you. I feel that all businesses can better serve their customers if they think about these four things...
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Get Pathology Residents up and Running on VoiceOver (Re-post)

It's March, and that means Spring is on the way. Before we know it, Summer will follow and new residents will be reporting to academic facilities across the nation. It's not too early to start thinking about them. In that spirit, we're re-posting Lindsey Pitsch's excellent blog on getting those residents up and running quickly on VoiceOver so these facilities have one less thing to worry about when they arrive:

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Is Your Pathology Department Expecting? Get New Users up and Running

When we think of the new year approaching, many of us think about change.  We might start to think, "How can I make this year even better?"  We are doing the same thing here at Voicebrook.  We have been looking at our client needs over the past year and we have realized that A LOT of you have had new users.  These users might be PAs, Pathologists, or Residents.  They might be with you for a few weeks or a few years, but the process to get them set up to be productive in your facility always seems to be the same.  I have spoken with many of our clients about what it takes to get someone up and running when they start.  The following are just a sample of what needs to occur:

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