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Change is Coming - Fight For it, Not Against it [Free Download]

In just a few days, we will be entering new and unexpected territory. I don't know about you, but my inbox has been flooded with blog articles, webinar invites, and even advertisements predicting what is coming down the line this year. Some are about what we can expect from a Trump administration, others are about the demise (or not) of the Affordable Care Act, and still others are investment advice for dealing with an uncertain global market. But what should be made of all the predictions when so many in the past year have been flat out wrong?

One thing we do know: Change is coming.

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Don’t Fear Change – 4 Tips to Make Your Next Lab Initiative Stick

A few weeks ago, our Director of Client Operations, Lindsey Pitsch, wrote a blog about the importance of user involvement in implementing a new speech recognition software. "Thinking About Speech Recognition? Get Users Involved Early" highlighted some of the difficulties seen by departments looking to try something new. Let’s face it; any institutional change can be a nightmare, so it’s no wonder there are entire areas of both Psychology and Business Administration dedicated to organizational change management. With new technologies and processes being introduced all the time, new initiatives in your department are impossible to avoid.  Here are four science-based tips to make sure your next one is more likely to be a success.

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Thinking About Speech Recognition? Get Users Involved Early

Technology changes in the lab can be sparked by any number of catalysts.  For instance, a PA hears from a friend about a new speech recognition system and brings it up to her manager and next thing you know VoiceOver is being installed.  Other times, Pathologists are looking for ways to have more control over their reports as well as the ability to sign things out without waiting for transcription.  Still other times, administration is looking for a way to save money, and they choose to bring in new technology to accomplish this goal.   While we do pride ourselves on helping our customers to save money, that specific reason for bringing in the VoiceOver solution is what can lead to trouble.  

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If Speech Recognition in Pathology Is Your Elephant then Just Bite It

I have always loved the saying, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time."  I can tell you that in my role as Account Manager at Voicebrook and in my personal life, this philosophy rings true for nearly every milestone I have met, every “elephant” I have eaten, and every new technology I have embraced.

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You’re Live with VoiceOver!...Now What?

Congratulations!   You’ve had a successful implementation of VoiceOver.  Your users are now actively using the software and your group is starting to realize the benefits that sold you on acquiring the solution.

So you may be asking, "Now what?"  The obvious answer is that your users should continue using VoiceOver on a regular basis so that they can become as proficient as they are at using a microscope, but there is still more to know.  Here is a list of five things that all new sites should be thinking about in order to maximize your future use of our software.

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