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Speech Recognition Is Not A Cost-Effective Solution for Pathology

That is not exactly the title you expected to read from the CEO of the leading speech recognition reporting solution company for Pathology, is it?

I was recently interviewed for an upcoming article in CAP Today regarding the present state of speech technology in Pathology reporting.  The author, Kevin O'Reilly, asked me to respond to a double-blind study conducted in 2012 by Steven Suvalsky, MHS, PA(ASCP) and Valerie Boelman, BS, LBC in Iowa.  The study used personnel in comparable surgical pathology departments to measure the return on investment of using Dragon software in a lab and transferring elements of the workload from the transcriptionist to the PA and the Pathologist. The conclusions of the study were as follows...

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Looking for Speech Recognition? These 3 Things Often Get Overlooked

When people talk about new technologies, the challenges are usually what comes up first. It doesn't have to be this way. Often, there are added benefits and rewards to a new technology that improve existing processes. After implementing VoiceOver, I have users tell me they are surprised by some of these, and I wonder, "Why?" The answer is that they weren't looking for these benefits when they were deciding on a speech recognition solution in Pathology. Here are the top three things that users find beneficial that get overlooked:

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Embracing Technology Change Leads to New Opportunities

We all experience it... the difficulty of change. I've been championing change for most of my career as a project manager, head of technology operations for a media company, and now VP of Operations at Voicebrook. I have a real passion for what technology can do for us, and I'm blessed to be living through such an amazing time of technology innovation. Just think about what the smart phone has done for our lives and how much untapped potential is still out there. My only hope is that I'm able to experience what is still on the horizon in terms of major advancements (mainstream self-driving cars, no traffic...ever). Let me stop there or this blog will go on forever... :)

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Hear Me Now: Fact Versus More Context, Part II

In Part I of this blog post, I discussed my reaction to the CAP Today article,  "Hear me now? Another audition for speech recognition," by Kevin B. O'Reilly.  In it, I provided additional context regarding the use of VoiceOver at the University of Pittsburgh and Kalispell Regional Medical Centers.  In this post, I will provide additional clarity about our implementations at NorthShore University HealthSystem (Evanston, IL) and Chester County Hospital (West Chester, PA) and discuss transcriptionist compensation and a declining pool of qualified transcriptionists for Pathology.

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The Importance of Pathology Report Timeliness...Are We There Yet?

As a mother...on road trips with my kids, I remember not being out of the county before they started asking “Are we there yet?”  Knowing that we had several more hours in the car forced me to be creative in thinking of road trip games.  I am dating myself since I did not have movies in the headset of the car, iPads, or Kindles to keep them occupied.  I think patients can often feel that same frustration of "Are we there yet?" 

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