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When Your Speech Recognition Solution Won't Recognize A Certain Word

Speech recognition seems to be everywhere these days. Just say, "Hey Siri" or "Ok Google," and dictate a command without even picking up your smart phone. While this technology continues to improve, it's not perfect. Think about how many times you have to correct a word Siri or Google doesn't recognize. Thankfully, speech recognition for medicine is miles ahead of your smart phone. For Pathologists, it gets even better. VoiceOver is the ONLY speech recognition solution specifically tailored to Pathology. Still, there may be a word that just won't be recognized properly. This is a short blog about one such case.

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Don't Get Mad! Improve Speech Recognition Accuracy

People hate being misunderstood.Whether it’s by someone else, or by a speech recognition tool, it’s frustrating when what we say is misinterpreted or inaccurately transcribed. We can’t do much about other people, but we can help improve the accuracy of our Pathology transcription. If you’re having trouble with your speech recognition software, here are a few tips to help.

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How to Improve a Lean Lab Workflow With Speech Recognition

I recently read the article, "Lean Six Sigma changing healthcare as more providers adopt methods," on the Healthcare Finance websiteIn the article Sherree Geyer stated, “Lean Six Sigma is thriving in healthcare, a distinct change from two decades ago when the performance improvement methodologies were first introduced to the industry.” 

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You’re Live with VoiceOver!...Now What?

Congratulations!   You’ve had a successful implementation of VoiceOver.  Your users are now actively using the software and your group is starting to realize the benefits that sold you on acquiring the solution.

So you may be asking, "Now what?"  The obvious answer is that your users should continue using VoiceOver on a regular basis so that they can become as proficient as they are at using a microscope, but there is still more to know.  Here is a list of five things that all new sites should be thinking about in order to maximize your future use of our software.

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Word Correction Saves Time and Improves Recognition Accuracy

Dragon Medical 360 software is the most accurate speech recognition software for medical professionals and is the engine that drives our VoiceOver Pathology platform.  The software is capable of 99% recognition accuracy, but in most cases users have to do their part to help the software reach this level.

Occasionally, we hear from users that ‘VoiceOver or Dragon are not learning when I correct words’. While the user perception is technically true because he/she found a mistake in the report and went back and fixed the text, their correction technique is often not (for lack of a better term) correct.  If their goal was to improve accuracy and save time in the future, then the user needs to employ a different technique in order to achieve this.

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