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Why Laboratories Need to Invest In Automation Solutions Today!

I recently had the pleasure of attending the CompelCEOs Economic Summit featuring world renowned economist, Alan Beaulieu of the Institute for Trend Research. For those of you who are not familiar with Alan’s work, he has made it his life’s ambition to discover economic trends that impact recessions and depressions in order to provide practical solutions for businesses to prepare and thrive during economic downturns.

As I sat listening to his engaging presentation (yes, I know it’s an economic discussion about downturns – how is that possible), it became increasingly clear that the writing was on the wall for a recession in 2019 followed by a great depression in 2030. I left the Summit considering how I could use this information to help my family, friends, employees, and clients. For the latter, I decided to write a 2 part blog post to provoke thought and discussion that may help us all thrive in the coming economic downturn.

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