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Spare the Gross Details - No Pun Intended

Recently, in a cleaning frenzy, I took some time to assess my home office workspace.   The tools that I use on a daily basis, all so dear and familiar to me, did not pass my assessment.  Truth be told, they were tattered and worn out.   My printer-fax-scanner combo continued to miss the third page of every document as it had for years, my chair had a broken wheel, and my headset wires were exposed.  How is it that I use these tools daily, yet I pay no attention to their condition?  As a bit of a penny-pincher, I will admit that I tend to look past wear and tear until it breaks.  My husband is the ‘preventive maintenance’ guy while I tend to be the ‘use it to death’ gal.  Not only was my workspace in dire need of an overhaul, some items needed to go for the sake of sanitation…I’ll spare you the gross details.  No pun intended.

headset replacement office cleaningI forced myself to consider the possibilities.  Could I be more efficient with a new printer that allowed me to print in half the time?  Would I be more comfortable (and less distracted with my chronic back pain) if I were to finally replace my chair?  What about the wires on my headset?  Are they supposed to stick out like that?  (Can you imagine the recorded video conference session of my headset shocking me?  Or worse…it going viral?  My kids would think it was hilarious….my boss - not so much.)

Every day we use tools that are familiar to us, that allow us to do our job and to be successful.  However, if you are anything like me (highly focused on your to do list, getting that report done, trying to find a minute between meetings to check email), then you are likely not looking at the condition of the tools in your workspace. Until, that is, you come in one day and it just doesn’t work, or, heaven forbid, it gives you a good jolt!  When was the last time you looked away from your monitor to assess the tools you use every day?  I can bet you, it’s been a while.

Here at Voicebrook, we appreciate the work ethic of our clients and the high priority given to the needs of their patients.  In an ongoing effort to provide our clients with the highest level of support, we also want to help you assess the tools in your workspace to ensure you are using the best possible hardware for the best possible outcome.   Let us help you assess the headsets, microphone, foot pedals and other tools that you use with speech recognition in your Pathology Lab to ensure that they are meeting your needs and are in good shape to keep your workflow moving forward efficiently.

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