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Steffani Martino

Steffani Martino

Project Manager, Prior Entrepreneur, Mother to College Kid, Tech Geek, Animal Lover and Advocate, Traveler, Beach Bum

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Customize Your Speech Recognition Vocabulary to Ensure Success

One of my roles as a Project Manager with Voicebrook is to communicate the important elements of a successful Pathology vocabulary and to gather information from each site to maximize initial accuracy.

Speech recognition software, especially those tailored to medicine, include a comprehensive vocabulary right out of the box. VoiceOver is built on the Dragon Medical 360 Platform, which includes a Pathology specific vocabulary designed for the creation of Pathology reports. Still, staff names, facilities, special stains, etc. will be misrecognized during dictation if you don't plan properly before implementation. If you have already implemented a speech recognition solution or are in the process, you may have been asked about custom vocabulary items that are specific to your lab. The aim of this customization is to save time and hassle during dictation by removing the need for multiple corrections down the road.

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How to Prepare Your Lab Environment for a Speech Recognition Solution

One of the earliest priorities for a Project Manager in a VoiceOver implementation is to ensure that the physical dictation environment is properly setup for successful speech recognition use.   In many cases the PA or Pathologist may not have previously relied on a computer workstation as a regular part of their case reporting.  In other cases, if a computer workstation was available, it may not have been setup effectively to be utilized while working with case materials.  The reason it is so important to focus on the physical environment early in an implementation is that some of the requirements may involve equipment or physical setup that involves people or resources that take time to schedule or procure.

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You’re Live with VoiceOver!...Now What?

Congratulations!   You’ve had a successful implementation of VoiceOver.  Your users are now actively using the software and your group is starting to realize the benefits that sold you on acquiring the solution.

So you may be asking, "Now what?"  The obvious answer is that your users should continue using VoiceOver on a regular basis so that they can become as proficient as they are at using a microscope, but there is still more to know.  Here is a list of five things that all new sites should be thinking about in order to maximize your future use of our software.

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Four Common Pathologist Anxieties About Speech Recognition Software

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and are adding speech recognition functionality to your laboratory.   You’ve recognized that this decision will empower you to save time, save money, and save lives.