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Piyush Kayastha

Piyush Kayastha

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Looking for Speech Recognition? These 3 Things Often Get Overlooked

When people talk about new technologies, the challenges are usually what comes up first. It doesn't have to be this way. Often, there are added benefits and rewards to a new technology that improve existing processes. After implementing VoiceOver, I have users tell me they are surprised by some of these, and I wonder, "Why?" The answer is that they weren't looking for these benefits when they were deciding on a speech recognition solution in Pathology. Here are the top three things that users find beneficial that get overlooked:

Topics: Benefits Support Speech Recognition Technology

Hands Full? Edit, Format and Navigate Reports with Speech Recognition

When you visualize yourself in the Gross Room, where are your hands? Chances are, the first thing you thought of was not your keyboard. Even in the office, your hands are more likely to be occupied by the microscope or your slides than by your mouse. One of the many perks of speech recognition software is the ability to dictate text and then format, edit, and even navigate reports without having to take your hands off your specimen. Here are just a few commands you can use with VoiceOver to make your reporting almost completely "hands free."

Topics: Speech Recognition Technology Workflow

Four Common Mistakes Made by New VoiceOver Speech Recognition Users

In my role as an Implementation Specialist, I come across a lot of users with different backgrounds, personalities, and job functions.  It is my responsibility to ensure that each user I work with is able to continue to work in the most natural way possible while adhering to certain best practices that are proven to benefit all users. Below is a list of the four most common mistakes that I have seen new VoiceOver users make and some best practices to prevent them. 

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