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  • save time on Pathology reports
  • save money on transcription
  • save lives with high quality reports

VoiceOver Empowers Labs to Save Time, Money, and Lives


VoiceOver's report creation tools empower pathologists to take control of their reporting process, allowing them to improve the quality and timeliness of their reports by revolutionizing the way that information is captured, presented, and employed.

Increasing costs for instruments and supplies, decreasing reimbursements, and shrinking pools of transcriptionists require laboratory directors to find ways to provide services using fewer resources. With these challenges come new opportunities.

Pathologists can provide value by leading efforts to standardize, integrate, and innovate. VoiceOver is a tool that allows pathologists and laboratories to remain competitive and distinguish themselves from their peers. 


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Beyond the obvious benefits of having dictated text immediately available for review, with direct impact on turnaround time, voice recognition software does not take vacations, does not require sick time, and willingly works nights and weekends when required. The economic benefit is substantial...


Dr. Paul E. Kalish, Medical Director
NSLIJHS Laboratories - Glen Cove Hospital
Chairman - Department of Pathology
(In Respectful Memory)




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Save Time


Improved personal productivity is a key reason why many of our clients choose to implement VoiceOver. That's because many of our clients report individual time savings and the ability to take on a greater case load once they switch to VoiceOver. In most cases, the time savings is attributed to comprehensive template use and real-time report review. VoiceOver allows users to correct their work in real time, making it easier to spot and correct errors immediately while the slide or specimen is in front of you. Once a case is completed, there is no need to pull the report -- or the original materials -- again to review for grammar, spelling, or other mistakes. The patient care team can have access to immediate results, and consult calls on pending transcription cases will no longer be necessary.

Save Money


Over the last two years the Pathology community has seen declining revenues and profits related to 88305 and 88342 reimbursement decreases.  Practice administrators want to see positive impact from information technology investments as quickly as possible. Voicebrook implementations consistently demonstrate rapid return on investment with significant long-term savings. Our clients typically report ROI within 6-18 months from project inception based upon transcription replacement alone. When secondary expenses, like transcriptionist sick days, lawsuits from transcription error, employee supplies and office space, health insurance, dictation equipment maintenance contracts and replacement equipment, longer inpatient hospital stays, and productivity increases are factored in, savings become even more pronounced. Our clients claim savings of $150,000 to $1,000,000+ per year when all of these are factored in. 

Save Lives

Delivering the right care at the right time in the right setting is the core mission for healthcare providers across the country. Laboratories play a key role in facilitating this process by providing physicians with surgical reports, which are necessary in order to prescribe the right treatment plan for each patient. When transcription errors and backlogs are introduced into the mix, patient safety is jeopardized by potentially introducing unintended errors, and delaying treating physicians from providing care to their patients. VoiceOver is documented to speed up turnaround time by days, and has been shown to cut reporting errors in half. In a study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC)...

  • the percentage of cases signed out in one day improved by 89%
  • they decreased the total number of errors by 48% compared to transcription
  • all this, even with a 68% increase in case load

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Improve Turnaround Time


Turnaround time (TAT) is one of the most noticeable measures of laboratory service and is often used as a key performance indicator by referring physicians. As a result of using Voiceover's real-time report and review capabilities, many laboratories report average turnaround time savings of up to two days, and individual case turnaround time improvements that may decrease by as much as one week. In a hospital environment, these types of results can dramatically impact patient length of stay, and decrease costs and the quality of outcomes significantly. In a private environment, decreased turnaround time will reflect very positively to referring practices. 

Improve Quality


Quality can be defined as the ability of a product or service to satisfy the needs and expectations of the customer. In today's competitive laboratory environment, clinicians desire a rapid, reliable and efficient service delivered at low cost. By implementing VoiceOver you will be enabling your laboratory to meet this demand.

  • Reports will be available almost as fast as they can be dictated. 
  • They will be more accurate because pathologists will be reviewing reports while a specimen is still under the microscope. 
  • They will be easier to read, because they are pre-formatted to accentuate the most important diagnostic elements.  

Enable the Pathologist's Cockpit


Many laboratories are implementing new technologies like digital imaging and specimen tracking solutions in order to facilitate high quality diagnostics and reporting. This presents problems for pathologists and IT resources, because not all applications are easily integrated into a single pathologist workstation. As Digital Pathology continues to evolve, we see increased acceptance of the multi-display "Pathologist's Cockpit". In this model, coordination of the Pathologist's goals and actions across multiple applications requires additional inter-application coordination, and will present challenges to productivity until integration points are worked through.

In addition to traditional reporting automation, VoiceOver provides inter-application coordination using speech recognition and system integration capabilities. We believe that providing one standardized platform for speech technology input and command and control can be an instrumental "helper technology" in delivering on the promise of Digital Pathology.

Standardize Processes


Standardization of processes can improve quality of services, safety, and the interactions between pathology professionals in a laboratory. The selection of the appropriate product or process is an opportunity to implement proven laboratory best practices that improve the quality and flow of information.

VoiceOver is a tool that can drive standardization in a laboratory. Through the use of its templates, enablement of the Pathologist's Cockpit, and custom voice commands and workflow that can enforce laboratory policy, VoiceOver can be an invaluable tool for laboratories to improve standardization.

Our clients have used our software to standardize templates and reporting structure across a laboratory, teach residents how to structure a report, implement safety protocols that verify slides, and accession numbers to patient names. By dictating directly into an AP system and seeing the patient name and accession number on the screen prior to report dictation, users eliminate case mismatch issues that occur through disconnected transcription processes. While the benefit is hard to quantify, and often overlooked, its impact on patient safety and quality in a laboratory can be significant.

Leverage AP System Investment and Enhance Functionality


Voicebrook has created VoiceOver Integration Personalities to enhance the functionality and workflow of AP systems. VoiceOver Integration Personalities can be configured to implement laboratory policy and allow the AP systems to function in a more natural way, streamlining workflow using natural voice commands versus traditional mouse and keyboard interaction. When VoiceOver is implemented simultaneously with a new AP system, the integration is so comprehensive, that often users are unable to separate what is a VoiceOver function from what exists within the AP system. This adds up to improved usage of the AP system, and higher satisfaction by pathologists and PA's who use our software.